11th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute

Stepping in for a friend, I’ll be speaking at the 11th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute on 20th March 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. My session, entitled ‘Ethics in the workplace’ will: The session will feature plenty of peer-learning (the attendees will be the real experts in the room!), mixed in with ethical insights fromContinue reading “11th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute”

Religious Liberty and Corporate Metaphysics

By Edward A. David McDonald Postdoctoral Fellow in Christian Ethics and Public Life, University of Oxford 23 February 2023, Recollection Lecture, Pusey House, Oxford  Introduction Thank you to the Centre for Theology, Law, and Culture for the kind invitation to speak today, ahead of a symposium dedicated to the topic of corporate persons. The aimContinue reading “Religious Liberty and Corporate Metaphysics”

Updates from the Conference Circuit

It’s that time of year: summer conferences! Since May, I’ve presented at four conferences. The first two focused on law and religion, the second two on virtue in business and in general. I am now preparing for three more conferences, which will round out not just the summer but the 2021/22 academic year as well.Continue reading “Updates from the Conference Circuit”

Article: Truth and Christian Ethics

Studies in Christian Ethics, the journal of the Society for the Study of Christian Ethics, has just published a short article I wrote in response to Professor Mark Wynn’s essay, entitled ‘Truth and Christian Ethics: a Narratival Perspective’. Professor Wynn and I delivered these papers at the Society’s 2021 annual conference. Below, I have copiedContinue reading “Article: Truth and Christian Ethics”

Lecture: Religious institutionalism at Oxford’s University Church

I recently spoke to the Graduate Theological Society at the University of Oxford about the moral foundations of religious institutionalism (or church autonomy doctrine) in the United States. James Hooks, a DPhil student, led the discussion. We spoke around the following theses: A predominate view of religious institutionalism tends to reduce the value of housesContinue reading “Lecture: Religious institutionalism at Oxford’s University Church”

World leading? A conversation on responsible leadership

This week The Oxford Character Project launched a series of postgraduate seminars aimed at generating discussion around the nature of responsible leadership. Attending the first session as a shadow facilitator, I was struck by the following comment from one of the participants: ‘We need different character traits when leading different types of organisations’. Having startedContinue reading “World leading? A conversation on responsible leadership”