A bold interpretation: Should we admire the shrewd steward (Luke 16.1–9)?

10 May 2023. The latest issue of Theology features two articles — one by yours truly — that interrogate the parable of the shrewd steward. Professor Robin Gill, the journal editor, provides an overview: A newcomer to Theology, Dr Edward David, offers an account of the parable of the unjust steward in terms of moral exemplarism;Continue reading “A bold interpretation: Should we admire the shrewd steward (Luke 16.1–9)?”

New Year, New Projects

This year, 2023, marks a decade of living and learning in the United Kingdom — first as a postgraduate student, now as a postdoctoral research fellow. Here’s a preview of what’s ahead. Publications are on my mind as I enter the first full term in the McDonald post. My essay on the shrewd steward (LkContinue reading “New Year, New Projects”

Modelling Virtue in Finance

As part of my postdoctoral work, I research moral exemplars — or role models — within UK financial services firms. Many will doubt that finance has good role models at all, given a long history of corporate scandals and an array of bad behaviour in the sector. But, as my colleagues and I have seenContinue reading “Modelling Virtue in Finance”

Should We Admire the Shrewd Steward (Luke 16:1-9)?

Moral exemplarism and Christian ethics The following paper was given at the 2022 annual conference of the Society for the Study of Christian Ethics. You can download the full text of the paper through the button below. The paper will be published in the journal Theology in Spring/Summer 2023. Positive role models, or moral exemplars,Continue reading “Should We Admire the Shrewd Steward (Luke 16:1-9)?”