Article: Truth and Christian Ethics

Studies in Christian Ethics, the journal of the Society for the Study of Christian Ethics, has just published a short article I wrote in response to Professor Mark Wynn’s essay, entitled ‘Truth and Christian Ethics: a Narratival Perspective’. Professor Wynn and I delivered these papers at the Society’s 2021 annual conference. Below, I have copied the paper abstracts as well as the journal links. Both papers are downloadable for free!

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Truth and Christian Ethics: A Narratival Perspective

by Mark Wynn
Nolloth Professor of the Philosophy of the Christian Religion, University of Oxford

In this article, I consider some of the forms that truthfulness can take in the Christian life. Drawing on the notion of storied identity, I address the following questions. In general terms, what does it take to live truthfully with respect to some narrative? More exactly, how might that truthfulness be realized in bodily terms? And, finally, how might living truthfully with respect to a narrative contribute to the further elaboration of the narrative? I examine these questions with reference to the concerns of Christian ethics in particular, by taking as my focus the kind of storied truthfulness that is embodied in the practice of neighbour love, and the question of how that truthfulness may be extended through participation in the eucharist.

Narrative and Truthfulness through the Body: Interpreting Mark Wynn

by Edward A. David
Research Fellow, Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Oxford

This short article responds to, and interprets, two epistemic claims made by Mark Wynn concerning truth and Christian ethics. The first claim concerns how the body knows something prior to an operation of reason. The second claim concerns the relationship between narrative and metaphysics, particularly when considering the eucharist. The article interprets these claims by drawing upon Wynn’s previous work in religious epistemology, and it points to its moral and doctrinal relevance for Christian ethicists today.

Many thanks to the Society for the kind invitation, and to Professor Mark Wynn for his generosity fielding my (amateur) epistemological questions!

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