An Ethics Model of the Firm

Beyond MacIntyre’s practice–institution framework This conference paper was prepared for the 2022 Annual Conference of the Society for Business Ethics. It was written in response to peer review of the original submission. You can download the full text of the conference paper below. Introduction Business ethics is a broad church. In its pews sit familiarContinue reading “An Ethics Model of the Firm”

Dissertation Prize 2022: Academy of Catholic Theology

During the 2022 annual conference of the Academy of Catholic Theology, my DPhil thesis on corporate religious liberty received an honourable mention for the Academy’s Dissertation Prize, awarded to early career academics. We are pleased to announce that Prof. Rachel Coleman won the ACT Dissertation Prize, and Fr. Joseph Van House, O.Cist., and Dr. EdwardContinue reading “Dissertation Prize 2022: Academy of Catholic Theology”

Live Radio: The Crucifixion with Voice of Islam UK

Last week, I joined the Voice of Islam UK once more as a guest on their live radio programme, The Breakfast Show. We discussed archaeological and historical evidence of Christ’s crucifixion as well as the role of Pontius Pilate in Christ’s passion. With me sharing a Christian’s perspective, we certainly had much to speak aboutContinue reading “Live Radio: The Crucifixion with Voice of Islam UK”

Updates from the Conference Circuit

It’s that time of year: summer conferences! Since May, I’ve presented at four conferences. The first two focused on law and religion, the second two on virtue in business and in general. I am now preparing for three more conferences, which will round out not just the summer but the 2021/22 academic year as well.Continue reading “Updates from the Conference Circuit”

More reviews of A Christian Approach to Corporate Religious Liberty

Reviews of my book can now be found in Studies in Christian Ethics and the Journal of Religion & Spirituality in Social Work: Social Theory. My sincere thanks to Allen Calhoun and David Hodge for their generous words and insights. Their reviews can be found through the links above—though, journal subscriptions may be necessary. TheContinue reading “More reviews of A Christian Approach to Corporate Religious Liberty”

Article: Religious Deviance and Psychological Medicine in the Second Great Awakening

In our first co-authored publication, Mark W. Lee (Crandall University, Canada) and I examine asylum narratives to explore tensions between the religious self and society in nineteenth-century Massachusetts. “Religious Deviance and Psychological Medicine in the Second Great Awakening: the Asylum Narratives of Elizabeth T. Stone (b. 1811)” is an open access article in the JournalContinue reading “Article: Religious Deviance and Psychological Medicine in the Second Great Awakening”

Lectures: Character formation at Trinity Law School

Last week, I wrote and recorded two guest lectures for an elective course on ethics, law, and public policy at Trinity Law School, California. Using the parable of the shrewd manager (Luke 16: 1-8) as an illustration, the first lecture introduces students to the virtue of practical wisdom, showing how it (phronesis) directs the otherContinue reading “Lectures: Character formation at Trinity Law School”

Updates: Journal of Church and State, and Developing a Christian Mind

Two exciting updates. My friend and co-author (Prof. Mark Lee) and I have a forthcoming article in OUP’s Journal of Church and State. “Religious Deviance and Asylum Medicine in the Second Great Awakening” explores the life and writings of Elizabeth T. Stone (b. 1811), a New England evangelical who was incarcerated by her family andContinue reading “Updates: Journal of Church and State, and Developing a Christian Mind”

Reviews of A Christian Approach to Corporate Religious Liberty

Two reviews of my book are now available online. My sincere thanks to the reviewers for their time and thoughtful engagement with the text. You can download the reviews through the links below. ‘A notable contribution of the book is its attentiveness to the “anatomy of group agency” … Instead of pitting the rights ofContinue reading “Reviews of A Christian Approach to Corporate Religious Liberty”

Article: Truth and Christian Ethics

Studies in Christian Ethics, the journal of the Society for the Study of Christian Ethics, has just published a short article I wrote in response to Professor Mark Wynn’s essay, entitled ‘Truth and Christian Ethics: a Narratival Perspective’. Professor Wynn and I delivered these papers at the Society’s 2021 annual conference. Below, I have copiedContinue reading “Article: Truth and Christian Ethics”