Lectures: Character formation at Trinity Law School

Last week, I wrote and recorded two guest lectures for an elective course on ethics, law, and public policy at Trinity Law School, California.

Using the parable of the shrewd manager (Luke 16: 1-8) as an illustration, the first lecture introduces students to the virtue of practical wisdom, showing how it (phronesis) directs the other virtues towards a person’s own wellbeing. The second lecture then describes how justice works with, and completes, phronesis in order to orient a person’s character towards the good of others. The lecture ends with an overview of character development practices for law students.

If possible, I’ll upload the lectures on my website. In the meantime, I’m aiming to do further research on the parable of the shrewd manager for a future publication on wisdom and character formation.

My many thanks to Anton Sorkin for the kind invitation to participate in his course.

Published by Edward A. David

Responsible business. Law and religion. Ethics in public life.

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