Modelling Virtue in Finance

As part of my postdoctoral work, I research moral exemplars — or role models — within UK financial services firms. Many will doubt that finance has good role models at all, given a long history of corporate scandals and an array of bad behaviour in the sector. But, as my colleagues and I have seen in our recent study on the topic, there are morally exemplary individuals throughout the industry. What’s more, there are at least three distinct types of moral exemplars — three types that are vital for the wellbeing of employees, organisations, and even society as a whole.

I’ll leave you with that teaser for now. Wish me luck, as I’ll share this research with the Financial Conduct Authority next week. If all goes well, I’ll submit the write-up of this study to an academic journal early in 2023.

Here’s to all the hard work that enlightened firms and exemplary individuals do to model virtue in finance.

Faculty of Theology and Religion
University of Oxford
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