More reviews of A Christian Approach to Corporate Religious Liberty

Reviews of my book can now be found in Studies in Christian Ethics and the Journal of Religion & Spirituality in Social Work: Social Theory. My sincere thanks to Allen Calhoun and David Hodge for their generous words and insights. Their reviews can be found through the links above—though, journal subscriptions may be necessary.

The book succeeds in its originality, its commitment to enriching both legal and moral discourse, and in its sophisticated treatment of the complex interplay of theology, morality and jurisprudence—always challenging waters to navigate but with rewarding outcomes when handled expertly, as here.

Allen Calhoun
McDonald Distinguished Fellow
Center for the Study of Law and Religion, Emory University

Theologically trained individuals are likely to find this text particularly enlightening. Similarly, social workers may also profit from the book. This may be particularly the case for those interested in Christian approaches to understanding religious liberty claims at an organizational level.

Professor David R. Hodge
School of Social Work,
Arizona State University

See more reviews of my book here.

A Christian Approach to Corporate Religious Liberty is also available on loan from the libraries at:

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