Podcast: Group ontology and religious freedom with the New Books Network

Recently, Ryan Shelton (@ryoldfashioned), a host of the New Books Network (NBN), interviewed me for the network’s New Books in Christian Studies channel. I came across the NBN through Twitter and was immediately impressed by their user experience (clean, intelligent) and remit (to raise the level of public discourse by introducing scholars to a wide audience).

After making a pitch to the NBN, Ryan responded swiftly and our podcast episode soon followed. Many thanks to Ryan for being a gracious host, despite my rambling on a late Friday afternoon. Feel free to listen to the full interview in the Spotify player below.

From the New Books Network website:

“How does individual religious liberty apply to religiously affiliated groups? Edward  A. David investigates the polarized ways legal theorists seek to understand group ontology in A Christian Approach to Corporate Religious Theory (Palgrave MacMillan, 2020). 

“David surveys the merits and pitfalls of prevailing approaches from within and without the Christian tradition. Many legal theorists are deeply skeptical of corporate group ontology, especially as religious groups have sometimes tended to conflate churches proper with religiously affiliated organizations in ways that can set uncomfortable precedents. 

“This book offers a novel way forward that suggests a retrieval of Saint Thomas Aquinas’s theory of coordinated group activity to provide a more salient moral framework to evaluate the liberties and limits of religious groups.” 

Published by Edward A. David

Responsible business. Law and religion. Ethics in public life.

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