Essay: How should Biden approach international religious freedom?

The Berkley Forum at Georgetown University has published a short essay I wrote in response to their latest editorial roundtable. They ask: how should the Biden administration approach international religious freedom? In my essay, I explore how U.S. foreign policy can be improved if we reimagine religion as a moral virtue. Read the full essay here.

United States Capitol. Photo by Michael Judkins

Religion thus excels among the moral virtues, with its vertical or transcendent source empowering compassion and service for others.

‘The Virtue of Religion’, January 2021

Many thanks to the Berkley Forum, Henry D. Brill and Joel Harrison for the opportunity to reflect upon this important issue.

The Berkley Forum is an online platform for public scholarship and informed commentary on critical issues at the intersection of religion and world affairs. Each roundtable published by the Berkley Forum brings together a diverse group of experts for rigorous debate on a religious or ethical issue of contemporary significance.

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